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Now Stand Back or I'll Shoot Myself

Lets not overreact

The Doctor
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I think therefore I exist.
Hello, there! I'm the Doctor. Not a doctor, or a type of doctor, I'm the Doctor. The Doctor for the Universe, if you'd like. As, of course, you undoubtedly know, there are plenty of things in the Universe that need to be fixed, and what else is a Doctor for?

I regenerate, incidentally, and this is my eighth body. I know, I know. Bit young to be in my eighth body, but I can tell you with some certainty that all of my used up lives were lost with good purpose. I think. I certainly hope so. I don't think I can remember. Oh dear. I tend to do this every now and then, I'm afraid. I've been like this ever since San Francisco.

Ah. On that note, do not get shot. It is not something that is terribly pleasant. Nor is having a piece of wiring stuck in your cardiovascular system. Nor is undergoing surgery on a planet whose medical advancements are rudimentary. I don't suppose you need me to tell you this, but I thought it would be wise, just in case you want a quick jaunt around the firing line of a rather trigger happy Earth human.
Playing Doctors and Nurses.
Name: What's in a name?
Age: Oh, you forget when you reach five hundred. Nearing a thousand, I think. Should be reaching my midlife crisis about now. Or... my eighth life crisis, technically.
Species: Gallifreyan
Title/Rank: Time Lord, graduated from Prydonian Chapter.
You reach the big nine-fifty and everything goes.
Appearance: Average height, medium build, blue eyes, shoulder length curly brown hair. He is usually wearing Victorian Era clothing, complete with shirt, vest, cravat and velvet coat. He wears a marvellous pair of shoes, which are perfect and has been to every part of two universes and even some parts in between. Well, most parts.
Personality: The Doctor, in all his incarnations is solely driven by what is right. Of course, this brings upon grey areas in which he usually has to sacrifice innocents for the sake of the universe, but this is what happens when you try and save the Universe on more than one occasion. He adores life, the wonders and its fascinating components, but his cheerful exterior is more often than not a front for a more twisted personality he holds inside. He usually keeps this aspect of himself under check, but it has gotten away from him more than once with destructive results. To people, though, the Doctor is always rather talkative and enjoys prodding them in the right direction for their future, usually by a 'slip of tongue' which is nothing of the sort.
Zagreus sees you in your bed.
This Doctor is from the Doctor Who television movie and is played by Paul McGann. He hails his backstory mostly from the Big Finish Audio productions and from his Editor's mind, and is therefore a rather shoddily put together amalgam of these three. Sort of like the TARDIS.
Why do you think Time Lords never get invited to parties? (Disclaimer and Credits)
Surprisingly enough, I am not a thousand year old Time Lord with a hero complex and regenerative properties. I cannot make myself a new body if I get shot, and have even a less chance of turning out to be Paul McGann, although it would be nice. I do not own Doctor Who or Paul McGann, unfortunately, and suing me for this will make Ramsay the Vortezord cry. Or try and eat you. Either way, he won't be very pleased. Layout by alpenglowe
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